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Sunday, October 31, 2010

NYC Marathon update-Just one week away!

Well, it has been a long training season filled with excitement, injury's, upset stomach's, ice packs, fatigue and most of all happiness. I started this journey on August 1st in honor of my grandfather and his best friend, Mac from WWII. I thought to myself what better way to honor these two heroes than to run an event such as the NYC marathon with Hope for the Warriors charity organization. I have raised $3,000 for this organization that helps wounded soldiers transition back from the war. But I still feel a sense of fear for this 26.2 monster that lies ahead in just 7 days. What if my injury acts up? What if I get tired and don't make my goal time of 4:45? What if the pain is just to much? Yikes, what if I can't do it?

All these thoughts run through my mind as I run over the 59th street bridge, turn the corners of Central Park and run up first avenue in practice of the big event. Then it hits me. My grandfather's laughter and voice saying " I'm so proud of you. Wow- a marathon. How amazing" That's when I realize the only fear I have is him not being here to cheer me on. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and be a better granddaughter to him. Talk to him more, play cards all day, ask him questions about life or go with him on his daily walk. But I was just too busy. Too busy getting my MBA or working for a company that I loved more than my own life sometimes. But when i did call, it was all about me. My grandfather was so proud of me and wanted to know everything that was going on. He was so smart about business and we would talk about the stock market and stocks. You could hear in his voice that he was so happy i was leading perhaps a better life than him and he was able to give it to me. I was financially set and needed no one in my life- except my grandfather. Only I never really realized it until he was gone. The diary has changed my life. It made me reconnect to my grandfather after his death. I just wish i did it when he was alive but I know I am not alone and when I set out to run in 7 days he will be right next to me. Guiding me home towards the finish line.

Here's to Grandpa and Mac! 26.2 is for you!

Happy Halloween and please tune into the NYC marathon. I have submitted this story to the news coverage so you never know if they will run up next to me!


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