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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today was Easter Sunday.....

And I made the 9 o'clock mass in Triploi. April 25, 1943, is the first entry into the diary my grandfather kept during his time at war in N. Africa. He still made it to mass, walked around the town and decided to buy a little black book for 7 shilings to write down his accounts of the war. I don't think my grandfather would know on that day in 1943 that almost 65 years later I would have it out this Easter Sunday morning with tears down my face thinking about how impact he was in my life and still is. I turn to the first page in this dusty diary and it reads:

"Today was Easter Sunday and I made the 9 o'clock mass in Tripoli. Beautiful church. I decided to stay in town and get a good look at everything. Bought this little black book for 7 shilings. Also tasted some good old Italian cakes. Stood in line well over an hour to see a show which proved to be another of those day limie jobs. Couldn't understand half of what they were saying but laughed at the jokes anyway. Very hungry and arrived back in camp just in time to miss chow. LT. T.W.V. got a package so I eat candy. I almost forgot the "swell" free for all between the blacks and limies. Boy! what a show. I am very tired from walking all day. No mail today. "

65 years later and I awake this Easter morning to a cup of coffee and making the 12:30pm mass. I think I will walk around Central Park today and find peace in my grandfathers words so may years ago. For me, a Urban NYC women, the diary has been the look back a generation I needed in order to move forward in my life. It is a source of courage, faith and healing I get every time I open the page. I share with you the diary's first entry and it begins a 6 month journey into war and personal times. It symbolizes a bond between a grandfather and granddaughter 65 years later that can not be broken.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!