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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Robin and James

Well, I just finished watching Julie & Julia and it had so many similarities to my story and the book. If you have not seen the movie I won't ruin it for you I promise but basically a modern day, 30-something NYC women stuck in a boring goverment job decides to mirror Julia Childs life through cooking. She will cook I believe 600 + recipes in 365 days. Julie, the NYC women, writes a blog everyday describing the ups and downs of each recipe and wondering how her icon Julia did it in France so many years ago. Julie begins to change as a person. No longer shy, timid, or unsure of her being she evolves into a person very comfortable in her own skin through this amazing journey. Well, I felt like I was watching me and my grandfather. It was not until I got the diary from my grandfather and read each page did it move me. It moved me to be inspired! To feel different about my life and be more comfortable in my own skin. Before reading the diary, I felt as if I was moving through life in a very slow pace with two huge buckets of mud strapped to my feet.. There were days I was unsure why I was working 18+ hours in a job that I don't feel passionate about or inspired. I constantly wondered "what is my purpose in life, and is this it? Is this my life, really?" I am supposed to be a single, relationship failure as well a success career women all is one? It can't be. Then the diary came along and every day I read a page from the diary and I did research. I felt inspired and I still feel inspired! I look at the words on the page as my grandfather speaks of life, death and fear amidst of so much uncertainty. I connect to the words and feel the same emotions as I walk the streets of NYC.

I have decided to begin sharing every page of the diary on this blog. So, 6 months of about 20 entires is roughly 120 blog entries. I will be blogging every Sunday and sharing the entry along with my comments. So, project Grandfather and Granddaughter is about to begin........ I really hope you like it...